the way i see things...

you can call me nikki. and i like cool things. cool is an effortless style, that has a hint of madness and heaps of attitude. i fancy just about anything to everything. from stunning architecture, to clever & bold ads and branding, to contemporary designs, to incredible eats, to unique art, to useless toy collecting, to coffee-table-worthy magazine/catalogue hoarding, to many inspirations in fashion around the globe, to beautiful automobiles, and to the people i love and the good times we share.

05:00 pm, by nicolecheung
10:56 am, by nicolecheung
new love: grilling

#bbqtuesdays #whyeatout

12:13 am, by nicolecheung1
merry christmas

08:36 am, by nicolecheung
A Sunday

laptops & coffees in bed
noobs getting grocery on the busiest day of the week
A round of 9-hole
Nuke leftovers for din
Soccer game.
Make late night pasta

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06:10 pm, by nicolecheung1
it’s brunch o’clock

homemade smoked salmon spinach benny on multigrain toast

01:10 am, by nicolecheung3